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/ WEDNESDAY, TAMMUZ 4 5777 - 28 JUNE 2017
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Jun 18 2017
Avraham Moshe Dyce - Sydney, Australia to Chani Albukerk - Crown Heights

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Mazal Tov!!!
So happy to hear!
Binyan adei ad
Caplan family
Mazel tov, mazel tov, so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wishing you all the brochos and a very happy life together!!!!!!!
The Lchaim of Avrohom Moshe Dyce and Chanah Albukurk will take place on Sunday night, Rosh Chodesh Hageulah, at FREE
Fellow sydney sider
Love ya moish! Gotta come home soon. Youve been marinating in the juices of 770 for too long😉! Mazal tov! Such nice news!
Spielman AUS
Mazel Tov! such wonderful news!
Esther k
Mazal tov eta Leah...such great news
Mendel from Baltimore
מזל טוב!!!
בנין עדי עד על יסודי התורה והמצוה כפי שהם מוארים במאור שבתורה זוהי תורת החסידות
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