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/ SATURDAY, SIVAN 12 5778 - 26 MAY 2018
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Jun 18 2017
Mordechai Kaplan - Crown Heights to Mushki Cohen -London, England

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So nice!!!
Mazal tov Mushki!!!
Big Mazel Tov!
Chayim Mordechai, so happy for you!! Wishing you all the brachos!
-Mendel Shloush
Mazal Tov!!! We love You Mushki! Mordechai is a very lucky guy!!!! :)
schoolmate and camp friend:)
mazal tov mazal tov!!!!!!!such beautiful news..mushki is the most amazing, beautiful,funny and kindest girl ..with the biggest heart of gold out there!im so happy for u mushki !!!!!!!!and mordechai your one lucky boy:)
Weber family
Mazel tov, mazel tov! Great news! SO happy for Reb' Mordechai and his lucky kallah!
Wonderful news!!
So happy for both of you, such a wonderful shidduch.
Binyan adi ad.
Mazal tov Chaim!!
בנין עדי עד על יסודי התורה והמצוה כפי שהם מוארים במאור שבתורה זוהי תורת החסידות
Menachem Mendel
Mazal Tov Chaim Mordichai and Mushki!!
Wishing you all the Brachos.
בנין עדי עד על יסודי התורה והמצוה כפי שהם מוארים במאור שבתורה זוהי תורת החסידות
יחי המלך
Your friend from Baltimore!
Mazal tov! Mushki
Mazal tov to family Cohen on Mushki's engagement! Wonderful news!
Mrs Debbie stern
Mazel tov to Mrs and Mr Cohen.
Binyan adei ad. May we always share simchas together.
The happy couple should be blessed with all they need.
Love Debbie Stern.
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