May 17, 2017
Another Sushi Place on Kingston

Ready for more sushi? A Boro Park sushi bar is opening a branch on Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights.

By COLlive reporter

A new sushi restaurant will be opening on Kingston Avenue in the next few weeks, the latest in the string of eateries which have opened in the Brooklyn neighborhood recently.

Noribar, a sushi bar and restaurant, is owned by Chiya Yosopov of Queens, who also owns another branch of Noribar in Boro Park.

Noribar will serve up sushi to go as well as in their sit-down restaurant with seating for 20, manager Mendel Lipsker told COLlive.

The restaurant will be under Rabbi Yosef Braun - CHK Kosher Supervision, and will also do catering and events.

"Of the many sushi places I've tried, most stores have either good food or good customer service, we plan to combine both of those," Lipsker said. "We plan to be open late hours to serve our customers," he said.

The New York Times dubbed sushi as the "runaway hit in the city's Hasidic and others Orthodox Jewish precincts" in an article last year.

Frum diners can be found eating in sushi bars at all times of the day, it reported. Weddings and simches aren't complete without a sushi station and a sushi platter has become a gift of choice for Purim or as a hostess gift.

The Times pointed out that one explanation of sushi's popularity in the kosher world in the fact that it offers a quick meal that is pareve. People can enjoy a dairy or meat meal soon thereafter.

One of the most popular sushi places in Crown Heights is Sushi Spot on Kingston Avenue near Empire Boulevard, owned by Crown Heights residents Dovid Hershkowitz and Yossi Rogatsky.

The store is regularly packed with residents and visitors to the neighborhood, and they point out that their innovative menu and fresh ingredients is why customers keep coming back.

Local grocery stores and restaurants such as Mendy's Deli and Kingston Bake Shop offer sushi in the neighborhood as well.

The new Noribar says they are currently waiting to be approved for permits by the city, and "we hope to be open in about three weeks," they said.

Noribar Sushi
326 Kingston Avenue

Under CHK Supervision - Rabbi Yosef Braun

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Opinions and Comments
BS"D I hate sushi, it seems to me that this is sagus g''vul, better to eat at places owned by our local people,will this fellows profits go to our Yeshivas etc. - NO;patronize our own
(5/17/2017 8:01:15 PM)
Thank Gd!!! I'm always soooooo hungry on Kingston these days.........
(5/17/2017 8:02:11 PM)
Not bad
Sushi spot still the best
(5/17/2017 8:10:56 PM)
what is with all the eateries opening up
its becoming a bit too megushem and over the top-
(5/17/2017 8:19:38 PM)
I hope this isnt another hipster hang out like CALABRIA. Tanya on the ceilings ? what in the world are we telling our kids. We need restaurants that are kosher in FOOD and ATMOSPHERE. If its family oriented, even better.
(5/17/2017 8:25:25 PM)
Get a good vent that pulles the smell all the way to the roof
I hope they don't make that part of Kingston Ave smell as bad as sushi spot did to the south side of the avenue, ever since sushi spot opened, smells like a fried fish :(
(5/17/2017 8:26:44 PM)
BS"D People need to be more concerned about their health, walk into any Shul, 50% of the people are overweight or fat, women in the community too, Schluchim too, this is the biggest danger to ones health
(5/17/2017 8:31:16 PM)
Why take a controversial Hechsher?
Rabbi Braun's hechsher is in contradiction to the old Badaz Hechsher. Why would the new owner get involved in politics??
Could've just taken OK or someone else]
Will be losing many customers because of this choice.
(5/17/2017 9:04:41 PM)
Support our Own Sushi Businesses
These outsiders didn't know our mosdos before and won't know them after. Let them stay where they are and let out ppl and our residents earn their honest living.
(5/17/2017 9:14:24 PM)
sushi spot I see them donate to every single event in the neighborhood! every time there's a charity campaign I see sushi spot .I will continue to support a store like this
(5/17/2017 9:17:59 PM)
Another restaurant in crown heights???
Do we really need another food establishment?? I think this is hasogas gevul
(5/17/2017 9:26:13 PM)
Sushi spot
Love sushi spot. Plan on staying loyal
(5/17/2017 9:29:40 PM)
TO #1 and #7
MEIR, that's a sad statement. Patronize our own? Are you a different religion than other Yidden? I wonder what you would say if someone pointed out not to eat at any lubavitcher owned restaurants because they won't donate to Yeshivas other than Chabad? Funny how you always point fingers at others when the problem comes from within yourself!
(5/17/2017 9:37:47 PM)
CH Sushi Facts
The first two places to have sushi in crown heights was
Ester's Deli and the Kretchme

Today sushi can be purchased at the following places:

1) Empire Kosher
2) The Market Place
3) Sushi Spot
4) Kingston Bake Shop
5) Mendy's
6) Empire Grill
7) Noribar

Any more that i missed?

Baruch Hashem our community has grown so much with so many visitors that there is place for so many eateries.

May we grow even more and Hatzlacha to all!

(5/17/2017 9:39:15 PM)
Reply to 13

You missed Albany bakery they have sushi too
(5/17/2017 9:46:22 PM)
Dear #8
(5/17/2017 9:50:37 PM)
BS"D # 13 I stand by my comment as it seems so do many others. Furthermore a Lubavitcher owned restaurant in Manhattan is hardly the same as an outsider opening in an exclusive Lubavitch community. Have no idea what your last sentence refers to as I have not made a comment. In about a year, I stated an opinion, whereas he you on the other hand felt the need to denigrate another Yid.
(5/17/2017 9:59:06 PM)
You sound like a total fool. Outsiders? You already assume! How do you know that he is not lubavitch or close to lubavitch? And if he isnt, does he automatically hate you and all other lubavitchers? You know how many lubavitchers do business and own businesses outside of crown heights and even working/ doing business in WIlliamsburg! Get out of the past! DIdnt The Rebbe say that the reason Moshiach is delayed is because of opposite ahavas yisroel? Enough of this mentality!
(5/17/2017 10:01:23 PM)
to #8
Maybe was cheaper? Hechser costs a lot annually
(5/17/2017 10:05:14 PM)
Levi gombos. always donates to every single event in our neighborhood. and yes I do see sushi spot in all the auction books and my kid came home with a gift card from school that he said sushi spot gave to the school for prizes so I take my hat off to these stores I would also like to mention apple drugs always giving back to the neighborhood thank you
(5/17/2017 10:12:27 PM)
To #8
Since this restaurant is in ch it's most normal to have the hechsher of it's rabbis
(5/17/2017 10:16:49 PM)
Sushi worms
Be careful someone just got worms in their stomach from raw sushi
(5/17/2017 10:21:23 PM)
to 13
u missed the point this is IN ch
(5/17/2017 10:23:35 PM)
"our own"
all Jews are "our own"
ahavas yisroel...
(5/17/2017 10:26:53 PM)
Anyone interested?
I would love to open a high end dessert bar. Thoughts?
(5/17/2017 10:34:51 PM)
Agree with #8
I agree. People will be deceived by the hashgacha, it's not the CHK of Rabbi Osdoba that we all respect, but many people won't realize that and will ready there's by mistake.
Well, Sushi Spot has the very best sushi, and the real CHK hashgacha, so no need for this other place.
(5/17/2017 11:06:06 PM)
Agree with #8
While I think its amazing that CH is growing and we are having more stores opening up. I just find it weird that they didn't take a more neutral hechsher.
I for one will probably not eat there for that reason alone!
(5/17/2017 11:41:28 PM)
In our community there is party every night. B"h cen yirbu"
Sushi is the main dish. Everyone go strait to the sushi,its finish faster than any other food.
Now we only have two restaurants for sushi, i think we need more ,our community growing and there is only two restaurants. Good luck and בתיאבון.
(5/18/2017 12:05:12 AM)
Don't buy from outsiders
We need to buy only from crown heights residents
Who will let the money stay in crown heights
No one in BP or will I will let a outsider open a store In their neighborhood
(5/18/2017 12:15:35 AM)
What a shame to call a fellow Yid "not one of our own. ". My husband is not Chabad, yet he supports them quite generously.
(5/18/2017 2:32:15 AM)
So the comunity with the lowest paying tuition payers and so many struggling yeshivois gets a new sushi store.

You relize that sushi is an extreme high cost luxury.

This is geting ridiculous.

(5/18/2017 4:42:38 AM)
כאן ציווה השם את הסושי
Guys and gals,

Is this what we can be proud of?

Every day a NEW FRESS????
(5/18/2017 5:34:08 AM)
To #6
They will need a strong vent to remove the fish smell that already exists on the north side of Kingston Ave.
(5/18/2017 6:12:50 AM)
crown heights
Hatzlacha raba .
BTW there is nothing wrong with having another restarant.
B"H crown Heights grew and we have lots of ousiders coming
(5/18/2017 6:34:18 AM)
I Love Sushi

sushi is the perfect example of סובב וממלא all in one.
(5/18/2017 7:09:58 AM)
All Jews are our own
But if a yid is my brother a Lubavitcher is my twin
(5/18/2017 7:21:30 AM)
I don't like sushi either, when are we getting a steak house?
(5/18/2017 7:27:02 AM)
It's just disgusting
How everyone here is talking about not our *own and outsiders
First of all no Jew is ever an outsider
And like there is no Chabad living outside crown heights
I knew him well and he's very close to chabad
As bucharien Jews always were
Lev levayev is a very close relative to him
And we never refused to take his money just because he doesn't live in crown heights
And honestly do we want evry Lubavitcher that makes any sort of business out there to be Vetted and called an outsider just because

We're sick and tired of the whole mentality chabad and Lubawitz are supposed to be the one uniting all jews together

We welcome you Noribar to Crown hights
A lot of luck
We will support every Jewish businesses in our community
(5/18/2017 7:31:39 AM)
To all the negative commenters here
30 years ago or so when there were only 3 "restaurants" in the neighborhood we used to run to Boro Park, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island.... anywhere we can get a semi decent meal and we always wondered "why can't we just have more places in CH instead of taking our money elsewhere
Nowadays we have many eateries in CH B'H, some are very good, we no longer need to go anywhere to enjoy a night out as far as food...
we not only supporting our own (and yes although Noribar is owned by someone from Queens, it provides a jobs in our neighborhood) we also allow visitors who brings outside money to keep that money in CH
Crown Heights had grown a few folds since 30 years ago and the young generation also seems to be doing better financially than the young of those days as well.
In conclusion, I see the fact that outsiders want to invest in CH as a positive thing and I wish Noribar lots of success as well as all of the other restaurants already operating in CH
(5/18/2017 7:51:08 AM)
To #8
Well said. My family loves sushi (I hate it) but I won't let it in my house. Machloykes and power struggles is not kosher.
(5/18/2017 8:01:33 AM)
If so many locals can afford to eat out regularly and the community can support so many eateries.... how come many CH families are starving? Why do they rely on welfare & CSSY? Something is very wrong.
(5/18/2017 8:04:11 AM)
A BP woman who visits CH v often
I just want to say that I live on the block of Noribar in Boro Park and have never smelled a thing.
Their Sushi is delicious, fresh and wonderful.
The Yosopovs are the nicest people and I'm hoping Crown Heights will make them feel welcome.

I'm sure that as they get the welcomed, they will give back to the community as other "outside" businesses have.
(5/18/2017 8:08:05 AM)
Another eatery???
Is there anything else other than food place for Kingston Ave??? we are supposed to eat in order to live not live in order to eat!! It's all about $$$. No brain!
(5/18/2017 8:17:51 AM)
To 8 ,26
There happens to be many in the community who don't respect that hechsher and don't eat in most ch establishments. Finally another place to eat delicious food and hechsher we can rely on and trust. Thank you for taking Rabbi brauns hechsher
(5/18/2017 8:21:46 AM)
Raw Fish
WHo needs so much raw fish with melted rice and seaweed? Why not open another Fish Store or Fruit Store on Kingston?
(5/18/2017 8:48:25 AM)
I stopped into their shop in Boro Park, but now I won't
I visit Boro Park quite often and would stop in to their store for a quick nash, but now that they opened here in CH, I will bl"n not stop in to their store in Boro Park either
(5/18/2017 9:32:49 AM)
Why so much FRESS in CH????
Why so much fress in CH lately,??

(5/18/2017 9:41:30 AM)
CH has a kosher restaurant that doesn't serve any Lubavitch-hechsher meat!
I went into the smokehouse on Troy avenue, and had to go elsewhere when I discovered that this fleishig KOSHER restaurant in CROWN HEIGHTS serves NO Lubavitch-hechsher meat!
(5/18/2017 9:52:33 AM)
#31 has a point!
Something is seriously wrong when families with Jacuzzis in their tubs, and second summer homes upstate, and who eat a lot of carryout food ALSO get breaks on tuition. Some of these people can truly afford full tuition but are just paid "under the table" so "on paper" they look less prosperous.

We economize, and we treat eating out as a special-occasion thing, and we pay FULL TUITION.

It really makes me feel taken advantage of when I see people cheating the system like this.

#31 has a point, in saying that we don't exactly need yet another opportunity to overspend our money.

Anyway, with Mendy's (which has Sushi) a block away, isn't this the same problem that was discussed when Calabria opened up so close to Basil's? It may be permitted per the letter of the halachah, but surely not per the spirit of the halachah!
(5/18/2017 9:58:32 AM)
We are in the days of sefira. Maybe people should stop all talk that displays machlokes and start working on ahavas Yisroel. If there is a problem of hasagas gvul, the alleged hurt party should go to a Beis Din. If there are problems with hechsherim in Crown Heights or of too many restaurants flooding Kingston Avenue, the community council and Rabbanim need to address it. This should be done peacefully not in ways that border on disrespect. "Kan tziva Hashem is habracha" - it does not bring bracha if there is machlokes. May all the machlokes in Crown Heights be soon peacefully resolved.
(5/18/2017 12:18:32 PM)
To #31 and #49
#49 you say;
"#31 has a point, in saying that we don't exactly need yet another opportunity to overspend our money."

So what would you have this restaurant owner do?
Not open up and go on welfare, since he will have to shut down his parnassa?
And don't say he should choose something else, because anything anyone chooses is something some busy body can find fault with.
Someone who is wasting their money instead of paying tuition would still not pay tuition even if there were no restaurants to spend it in.
There must be some people who can afford to eat out and still pay full tuition. And there are others from outside Crown Heights who eat there as well.
Telling a store owner to close up and lose what may be his only chance at having his own business, will not help anyone.
(5/18/2017 12:31:14 PM)
loyal to Sushi spot
I will not go to this new place, but something here doesnt add up.
why cant we first support our own mosdos and make sure our children grow up in normal living conditions not paying $3000 for a shoebox in the outskirts of ch or paying 2 million for a shell of a house that needs another 500-750k of construction work.
If people can afford the luxuries of taking sushi out then you dont need to charge $3000 for a floor of a house for rent. what gives you the right to take take hard earned money from our own yungerleit and then go and eat off the fat of the land with takeout which ic clearly a luxury and to top this off take a hechsher which is not recognized by everybody???
Mr hershkowitz and rogatsky have their own families to support and we should continue to patronize our own community before others.
(5/18/2017 12:33:01 PM)
this is shtus
why in the world are you people fighting about politics when this is a post about sushi! If you want to fight make sure you respect each other since it we are in middle of the Omer.
(5/18/2017 1:25:03 PM)
so excited!
yay, another sushi place!
(5/18/2017 2:36:12 PM)
Concerned Bubby
I am a little bit concerned about the fact that this sushi bar is colored a very not chassidishe and flashy color. It is bright green, which makes it stand out, a very not chassidish thing. Maybe if they would consider to repaint it black or brown maybe I would go...
(5/18/2017 4:56:30 PM)
History repeated
This whole thing kind of happened with calabria and basil. Im interested to see the results
(5/18/2017 4:59:27 PM)
Grateful we left
That attitude. Everything out of CH is out of town.
(5/18/2017 5:34:51 PM)
55 green
green was the color of the Lag Baomer parade. let's not try to keep looking for obstacles. if you like sushi then this may a good option for light and healthy food
(5/18/2017 6:16:19 PM)
#58 is right
But probably if it was a lubavitcher owner, then bubby and everyone else wouldnt have a problem even with a pink colored store. Green is ok for lag baomer parade tshirts but not for restaurant huh? Not chassidishe enough? First look at yourselves and look up some laws of tznius then go ahead and judge others! What else don't you like (since the owner possibly isn't lubavitch) Do you not like the name of the restaurant? DO you have a problem with the font style? DO you have a problem that they have windows? Should it be boarded up that way in case there is a woman eating there so that no man can see her? Should they make the store smaller? Oh and all of you "CROWN HEIGHTSERS" that feel invaded...DID you want to open up a sushi restaurant yourselves? DId the owner take away the opportunity from you? Did he steal from YOU!!!! Noone forced you to go there if you dont want to! Oh its different when a lubavitcher opens up a restauarant elsewhere compared to someone "invading" "Holy CROWN HEIGHTS" you say? Well, is it also different when most of the monetary donations to shluchim and etc. come from people who arent from crown heights or have nothing to do with crown heights? Where is the protest there when youll gladly take anyones money chabad or non? Ok fair enough, so then no "outsider" or not one of "our own" is allowed to open a business in crown heights. How about no non chabad/ lubavitcher is allowed to donate to chabad! How does that sound now?
(5/18/2017 8:11:18 PM)
In Queens there are about 5 different sushi restaurants plus pizza shops selling sushi Including restaurants owned by "outsiders" Also 5-6 pizza shops in the vicinity of one another. Kew Gardens Hills Main Street area. Not that much longer than kingston avenue in size. Less active area than CH meaning less people walking around. Not one issue with one another. CH, two sushi restaurants open and we have to attack the whole Olam and non lubavitchers. What a shame :(
(5/18/2017 8:21:09 PM)
Hey Bubby..arent you concerened that its called a sushi "BAR"? What will the kindelach think?
(5/18/2017 8:22:17 PM)
ahavas Yisroel
ahavas Yisroel starts with ch and "outsiders" not with you on mivtzoim in manhattan
(5/18/2017 9:20:12 PM)
Switch hashgocha.
The black oval CHK is not the authentic Red CHK.
Call it something else, because it is deceptive and the cause of much heated debate.
Since we are on colors, the lag b'omer color was not a bright dazzling green. But we are taking about a wall, not a woman's clothing so who cares what color the walls are.
I'm just bothered about the black hashgacha, not the green decor. Most frum Crown Heightsers won't eat there, so it's going to be catereing to the otd, lights, yuppies etc.
This is why there is such an uproar.
(5/19/2017 12:12:39 AM)
Right spot on # 62
It's easy to put on a polished frum veneer with a stranger you likely may never meet up with again. But those of us who we see regularly should be treated just as carefully as you must with members of your own household. Why is this such a great challenge for us??
(5/19/2017 12:45:48 AM)
About time a normal sit down sushi spot
Lets all open are minds and stop being in the box
yes Crown Heights is extending BH
(5/19/2017 11:28:13 AM)
At the end of the day
There are lots of opinions but more people love sushi
(5/19/2017 1:50:46 PM)
here comes another one...
what's wrong with us? doesn't anybody fix their own lunch or dinner anymore? i'll bet there are more kosher eateries per capita in crown heights than there are in either bp or willy, both heavily populated ch'siddesheh communities. folks, we're absolutely drowning in an overabundance of all kinds of eateries.
my fear is that eventually the neighborhood simply won't be able to sustain all of these new " move over, i'm coming in" places; in some cases the new places will even force some older ones out of business. that , i think, would be both sad and unfair.
i wonder when hasagass g'vul comes into play?
(5/22/2017 8:44:18 PM)
To #67
Anyone opening a food place of any kind, is usually putting in their own money, or money from private investors.
So if they choose to risk it that is their choice.
As for them possibly pushing others out of business, that does not seem to happen.
If a food place goes out of business, it's usually because it either too expensive, or because it's not very good tasting.
On (or just off of as in the case of one meat place) avenue M, between Coney Island Ave and Ocean Avenue, there are at least 4 Kosher Pizza places, and at least 2 meat places.
All of them are thriving and have been for years, except for one meat place which seems to go out of business every couple of years or so and then re open under a different name and slightly different menu.
It's an expensive sit down place and I think in this economy that is hard to sustain.
If it was because of too much competition, I think they would not be the only place in the area that is having such trouble.
As for hasagass g'vul, to be Don Lechoff Zechus (which is also a mitzvoh we must all follow), I would imagine that the people opening up these places must have consulted a Rav and gotten a psak that they were allowed to open.
(5/22/2017 11:06:59 PM)
Crown Heights
It is not just a community. it is a global center...and not just during Tishrei or the Kinus. I'm surprised there aren't more Israeli restaurants
(5/23/2017 11:04:05 PM)
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