Jun 18, 2017
Jewish Animation Keeps Kids Busy

The producers of the kids' animation videos "Maharal" and "The Golem of Prague" are offering unlimited viewing of "The Tzaddik's Mission" for 1 week free.

With the kids getting out from school and camp not starting yet – there is now a great way to keep them busy with good things!

The producers of the Maharal and the Golem of Prague videos are having a free, 1 week unlimited viewing of one of their videos, "The Tzaddik's Mission".

These videos have the haskomo of two Rabbonim: HaRav Dovid Schochet of Chabad Toronto and HaRav Moshe Lowy of Agudah Toronto. You do not need an Internet connection to watch the video, only to initially download the video to your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, tablet or Android cell phone.

It's quick and easy to get - no credit card or forms to fill out - just go to http://www.livingwithtzaddikim.com/contact.html and tell them you want the free 1 week video or email them at livingwithtzaddikim@outlook.com.

You can see samples of their videos at http://www.livingwithtzaddikim.com

"The Tzaddik's Mission" Trailer from Torah Luminations on Vimeo.

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Opinions and Comments
Love this!
Our family loves this-so packed with great Torah content that is edutaining for everyone!
Keep up the great work!!
(6/18/2017 10:16:37 AM)
These videos are fantastic, our kids were enthralled! They are great content and done incredibly professional . I've met the family who produced this series , what special people.
I've recommended this subscription to all of my friends and family . If your kids watch all the time or only accessions, this is great
(6/18/2017 12:33:07 PM)
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