Jul 14, 2017
Drugs Are Threatening Frum Lives

From the COLlive inbox: It's alarming to keep hearing about our youth in the Tri-State area dead or brain dead from drug overdose.

By Dr. Eli S. Neiman, DO, AOBNP, FACN, PC

There is much misinformation surrounding the effects and widespread use of marijuana (cannabis, pot) and that includes the frum Jewish community. Many think that marijuana is harmless because it comes from a plant.

Wake up community!

Marijuana is harmful to the brain and the body. Cocaine, heroin, and mescaline -like marijuana- are also plant derivatives. All that is "natural" is not safe and pot is clearly a gateway drug to further drug use, abuse and addiction.

It is alarming to keep hearing about our youth either dead or brain dead from drug overdose with the body count in our Tri-State area communities now numbering in the hundreds over the past couple of years.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy statement on the impact of marijuana on adolescents and children published 1/26/15 "reaffirms its position against legalizing marijuana and its opposition to medical marijuana outside the FDA regulatory process."

The AAP position paper further states, "for adolescents, marijuana can impair memory and concentration, interfering with learning, and is linked to lower odds of completing high school or obtaining a college degree. It can alter motor control, coordination and judgment, which may contribute to unintentional deaths and injuries. Regular use is linked to psychological problems, poor lung health and higher likelihood of drug dependence in adulthood."

The Drug Enforcement Agency lists marijuana as a schedule I drug. "Schedule I drugs are substances or chemicals, defined as drugs with high potential for abuse including heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), marijuana (cannabis), 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy), methaqualone, and peyote. Marijuana is a hallucinogenic drug. A hallucinogenic drug is any substance that can produce visual or auditory hallucinations and distort one's sense of reality. All hallucinogenic drugs can also affect thought and mood, making people feel like they are in a dream (or in some cases, a nightmare). The National Institute on Drug Abuse clearly states that 30% of marijuana users develop dependence."

The active hallucinogenic component of marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The potency, or THC concentration, used to be 1-2% in the 1970's and 1980's. Now, in our present generation and due to technological advances in growing stronger and more psychoactive strains of the plant, the THC concentration averages in marijuana are a whopping 6-51%. The potency of one marijuana cigarette today is on average the equivalent of 17 in the past as per the recent literature. The known risks of depression, anxiety, cognitive deficits, concentration difficulties, slowing of mentation, and increased risk of psychosis and schizophrenia are known side effects of marijuana well documented in the medical literature. Most of the above studies were done with the less potent form of the drug, so imagine the brain alteration from the high potency marijuana the young and the adults are using today.

"The research, conducted over 20 years by Professor Wayne Hall, PhD, an adviser to the World Health Organization and leading expert on addiction at King's College, London, links use of cannabis to a wide range of harmful side-effects, from mental illness to lower academic attainment to impaired driving ability. Studies show that smoking pot while pregnant is linked with reduced birth weights, while long-term use can cause cancer, bronchitis and heart attacks, according to papers. One in six teenagers who regularly smoke cannabis become dependent on it, as are one in ten regular adult users. Cannabis doubles the risk of psychosis and schizophrenia, with withdrawal symptoms including anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite and depression. Driving after smoking cannabis doubles the risk of a car crash, with the risk heightened yet further if you have had a drink."

Yes, marijuana is not harmless and can kill you.

"Besides increased risk of myocardial infarction (heart attack), marijuana use has been temporally related to cardiac arrhythmias, sudden cardiac death, cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart), stroke, transient ischemic attack (mini-stroke) and arteritis (inflammation of vasculature)."

If you recall your history, the opium dens in China destroyed that society until the governing body at the time was forced to take very harsh measures to abolish its use and abuse so their country could again thrive. That same drug epidemic that dumbed down the parents, youth, and nation in China, is happening to us now.

While studying at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, I saw firsthand that most of my classmates who got involved with heavy marijuana use did not make it to law school, medical school and other graduate programs. Most of my classmates who smoked pot did not complete majors in the more difficult subjects like physics, biology, engineering, chemistry, accounting, finance, mathematics, statistics, and actuarial sciences.

Most importantly, the yungelite in frum communities who are smoking marijuana are making poor decisions, and are often no longer able to sit at the top tables in yeshivas or toil away learning Shas, Daf Yomi, Mishnah, Halacha, Chassidus or Mussar. Some are drifting away from frumkeit or gone. Many youths who are using marijuana are "hanging out" and becoming involved in high-risk activities with other kids at risk. All it takes is one of their "chevrah" pulling out a vial of heroin and we are another step closer to another death in our community, G-d forbid.

Recreational smoking of this addictive and psychoactive drug is damaging our society and our children. Again, marijuana is a known gateway drug to heroin, crack, cocaine, and other hallucinogenic compounds. Most people often start with "recreational" marijuana use and then move on to other drugs when they feel their void is still not filled.

Let's make an effort to close the door on this gateway drug in our communities. Let's wake up and address this sinister problem and get this fixed before more community disasters occur. In my practice, as a neurologist, I am seeing the fallout and family destruction from the use of this "innocent" drug.

Rav Moshe Feinstein clearly prohibits recreational use of this drug and calls such use an issur D'Orisa. See Rav Feinstien's letter on the topic of marijuana use in Iggros Moshe (Siman Lamed Hey, Beis D'Rosh Chodesh Iyar, 5733).

I recently heard someone mention that a few Baalei Teshuva wanted to use marijuana on Purim many years ago and the Lubavitcher Rebbe's response was to refer them to Rav Feinstein's above mentioned letter on this topic.

Medical centers and research scientists are actively looking at cannabidiol oil (CBD) which is a non-hallucinogenic compound in marijuana, that may be medically helpful for certain disorders.

At the American Epilepsy Society meeting (Dec 2016), there were presentations of abstracts and several studies which have shown that for two rare and often catastrophic epilepsies (Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut), CBD oil may be helpful as a second or third line agent (to stop seizures). Proper dosing of CBD has not yet been established. Side effects of CBD included but were not limited to: severe drug-drug interactions effecting blood levels on four commonly used concomitant anticonvulsants, alteration in liver function test, pyrexia, somnolence, vomiting and diarrhea. Until all multicenter, randomized, double blinded, and placebo controlled studies are completed and FDA approval is granted and proper dosing is established, no one should be using the drug.

FDA evaluation is not yet complete and a pill is not yet marketed for medical use for medically and surgically intractable epilepsy or to help with cancer or neuropathic pain (lo aleinu). Sativex or nabiximo, a CBD and THC spray has been found in some studies to alieve some painful spasms in multiple sclerosis patients. Again, it must only be prescribed by a licensed physician or neurologist who can monitor the effects. Marijuana is a very potent drug and should not be used recreationally or without a physician's close supervision. For a great synopsis of all the most recent abstracts presented on the topic of Cannabidiol (CBD) use in seizure treatment presented at the most recent American Epilepsy Society Conference see the American Academy of Neurology Journal "Neurology Today" Jan, 19, 2017 Issue 2. In addition, recent Ophthalmology Journals are now reporting that smoking the new high potency strains of marijuana is causing retinal damage in some users - another reason not to smoke pot.

A few weeks ago a man in his 40's who heard me addressed as doctor, approached me and said he uses marijuana "recreationally" and started a conversation with me about this topic in shul. He told me he "trusts" his drug dealer where he gets his pot and he uses it to "relax" on his drive home from work. He says he drives in the far-right hand lane so he does not "hurt anyone." This may sound ludicrous, but this was a real conversation. Obviously, I told him not to use drugs or drive under the influence of drugs. These pot smoking clowns are obviously not a dugma chaya for our children. I have seen families destroyed, with the most common scenario being a husband who spends his evenings "chilling out" (getting high) with his buddies. Most of these drug using fathers are often not around physically or emotionally to be a proper husband and parent. Substance use and abuse strains marriages and can lead to divorce.

The dependence and addiction a Jew is supposed to have is to be dependent only on Hashem and attached to Torah and mitzvos. Our job on this earth for 120 years is to purify our thought, speech, and action which is not possible under the effects of hallucinogenic drugs. Smoking marijuana is an addictive, hallucinogenic, brain altering (new studies show marijuana does cause abnormal white matter changes in the brain as seen using advanced brain imaging techniques), and carcinogenic drug.

A certain academician in the 1960s promoted "Turn on (to drugs) Tune in (hippy music) drop out (of university)." We as a community need to be "turning on and tuning in" to Hashem and Torah learning and not "dropping out" of Yiddishe life and frumkeit. Yes, there may be other underlying reasons for students and adults to turn to drugs, but one must stop the drug use immediately and recognize that a problem exists. Once the substance use and abuse is stopped the addict can spend the time dealing with the psychiatric and spiritual reasons for which he/she chose that foolish path. Current users or "chillers" as they like to call themselves should immediately find themselves a 12-step program to rid themselves of this addiction and dependency.

Yes, I am sure I will get "fan mail" from pot head professionals telling me they are doing just fine and are able to make a parnassa while still smoking pot with their buddies in someone's basement, garage or behind the house (like a loser). If you are one of the above users, just ask yourself one simple question and it will save you much time and ink in writing to me: Do you want your Bais Din, Rav, local Rabbi, mechanchim, schochat, mohel, sofer, physician, surgeon, nurse, pharmacist, children's bus driver, accountant, or lawyer high on marijuana when providing service, care, or advice?!

Some quacks will also write to me saying marijuana is a cure all for everything from itchy scalp to toe nail fungus. Save the ink please. No one should be gambling with their neshamah and physical health. When you play with fire you get burned.

Lastly, I will probably also get letters by chevrah saying it helps them "daven" or improves their hisboddedus. I urge this crowd as well to save their ink. We have two fine examples of Nadav and Avihu showing us what Hashem thinks about intoxicated service and prayer. Sifrei Mussar and Chassidus clearly state that intoxicated service to Hashem is prohibited, and that Hashem wants service of the heart and mind with a complete unadulterated truth, and with a deep emes. Dope is for dopes. As Uncle Yossi Goldstein ZTZL, a famous mechanech of yesteryear, used to say on his records and during his Torah classes, "If we do our best, Hashem will do the rest."

Neurologist Dr. Eli S. Neiman leads the Advanced Neurology Center in Monsey, New York, and has published many papers and book chapters in peer-reviewed journals read internationally

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Opinions and Comments
The root of the problem...
Unhappy teens coming from a broken school system...

Let's fix that!!!
(7/14/2017 3:24:51 PM)
Or broken families
Kids born to parents who couldn't care less about them
(7/14/2017 3:37:41 PM)
(7/14/2017 3:44:05 PM)
To #2, what an awful thing u have said. U r extremely naive. Those if u who think 'broken homes' r naive as well. Young people are dying from perfectly fine families, with parents who care about their children very much!!!!
(7/14/2017 4:11:05 PM)
Lacking support
Great article! Looking at the root causes for drug use, etc. We need to look at the family, community and school infrastructure. The problem is not only one of recreational drug use, but many times it's used to self medicate due to trauma from child abuse, family violence and the pressure of the youth to comply with programs that are beyond their abilities (not everyone is capable of learning 24/7 or going on shlicus).
Young families are feeling the pressure to live in the community where they are not financially stable to pay for the exorbitant cost of living etc. These stressors seem to lead the young parents to decompress with marijuana.
We need better support systems in place.
(7/14/2017 4:23:09 PM)
48 yr in the hood
To the above post
Yr So right
We messed up big time
(7/14/2017 4:23:11 PM)
"sifrei musar and chasidus clearly state that intoxicated service to Hashem is prohibited". True, but most importantly sifrei halacha say it, my friends.
(7/14/2017 4:23:41 PM)
To #1
The root of addictions is when life feels unbearable, like traumatic and stressful events, a depressive disorder, not a bad school system, seriously....
(7/14/2017 4:28:20 PM)
bitachon frum defense
Teach kids to like sport.Bring them to CHJCC new gym.
(7/14/2017 4:28:37 PM)
Let's not play the blame game and start taking responsibility for our lives, blaming circumstances instead of having emunah that Hashem put obstacles in a person's life to make them swim not chas v'shalem drown( in any given substance abuse)
(7/14/2017 4:33:57 PM)
To #1
Why always blame the schools? Don't parents have a big role in raising their children?

Many students who have attended the same schools that you are referring to are not on drugs. So why the difference? Maybe because they were raised in different homes?

And btw, class shuls (clubs) have a big part in the recent drug epidemic.
(7/14/2017 4:34:58 PM)
thank you Dr. Neiman
your article is clear and well written
and you know what you are saying, with source, etc.

one question (and i hope you do not think i am one of those who should save their ink)

what about people in their 80s and 90s who are agitated and miserable due to dementia? they are not driving. they are not working. they are simply climbing the walls in a terrible way, they are suffering and taking their families with them. if marijuana can help them to relax, isn't it a good thing?
(7/14/2017 4:35:28 PM)
dangerous article
Dont equate marijuana with the drugs kids are actually overdosing on. It is like the adam chava story. they inevitably try marijuana and read dumb articles like this comparing marijuana to actual dangerous drugs. this is ridiculous. make clear at beginning that no one overdoses on marijuana, and if u consume other drugs like u do marijauna u likely will die. Why can't u say that marijuana is unhealthy without equating it to other pills, heroine, and cocaine? Do you not see that this is dangerous and dumb? Some studies from three years ago about lost productivity should not have such a headline? I know you don't actually equate them but its written to make it sound so close...
(7/14/2017 4:43:08 PM)
To number 1 and 2
The root of addiction stems from trauma - either sudden trauma such as death, divorce, molestation, abuse or on going trauma I.e. Bullying, low self esteem and so on.
Please educate yourself instead of stating it is the school system that creates addiction.
From someone educated in the field of addiction.
(7/14/2017 4:52:40 PM)
A great rabbi once told an atheist, " the G-d that you don't believe in I don't either"
Yidishkeit gives a feeling of fulfillment and purpose.
but not the yidishkeit most of us know of, yidishkeit devoid of understanding, feeling, spirituality and personal connection.
That yidishkeit because of it's false promise of meaning and fulfillment just drives people to look for something to fill that gap, hence drugs, alcohol, shmutz, money etc.
Now let me make myself very clear, that is because this is NOT yidishkeit.
For a taste of the real stuff I challenge YOU to listen and/or read some of (but not limited to) Yossi Jacobson, Tzvi Freeman, Simon Jacobson, Shais Taubs's classes, articles and books.
Just know that if you don't feel like yidishkeit is meaningful, you got the wrong product, and nowadays returns and exchanges are free and easy...
(7/14/2017 4:53:02 PM)
#13 should re-read article
You did not read the article. Marijuana can increase the risk of heart attack, arrhythmia etc. It can be a cause of sudden cardiac death.
(7/14/2017 4:55:29 PM)
"these pot smoking clowns".

Something is wrong with calling people clowns. Maybe disillusioned? Ill-informed?

There are deeper bones to pick ..
(7/14/2017 5:06:38 PM)
Great article
For many people, using these drugs often follows the use of strong pain killers, perhaps after Dental treatment, or a minor medical procedure. It's time for Dr's to prescribe the pain killers less, and perhaps encourage patients to try and manage the pain, with something less potent, or natural. Today, there are babies given pain killers with the slightest signs of teething. Pain is not fun, but it is part of life. We need to teach our children that at a young age. I'm obviously not talking about serious pain or illness RL.
(7/14/2017 5:19:41 PM)
Get to the root of the problem
We have to figure out what the source of the problem is. If our children are not thriving in the "chabad system" we need to look for alternatives that fit them indivicually. We must realize that it is not one size fits all. Also, we need to step up our ahavas yisroel. I have noticed that sometimes the less frum, less conformist kids seem to be nicer and friendlier. We have to teach kids to have ahavas yisroel for all their peers and not try to bully every non comformist into submission.
(7/14/2017 5:22:03 PM)
Right on
Thank you Dr. Neiman . Wow , great and to the point. Should post this in every school , library , etc.
Straight article , I hope the youth read and re-read. Parents , talk to your kids. Discuss openly.

I'm a baal Teshuva from 35 years ago and it 's a miracle I have made it through several years in high school and college smoking pot and other junk .

after smoking pot for several years later , I started trying other junk. I was one step away of trying a needle when a saw a few people doing cocaine with the needle. One guy talked me out of it and said, "don't do it". I look back , what a miracle.

This article is Great info to the people who the doctor addressed about saving ink. Take it in folks , this may save lives.

I"m not a doctor , but if any youth/adult wants some chizuk and to hear from someone who has been there, and is here today with miracles because of Hashems kindness , You can write to me GershonBeck@gmail.com. I'll tell you my story.
Everyone who wants to be honest knows , Drugs and Alcohol can destroy lives.

Zai Gezunt
B'suros tovos
(7/14/2017 5:29:00 PM)
Thank you for coming out with the otherwise very confusing FACTS about Marijuana
As this issues has been lately addressed much more out in the open, I would like to thank COL for having an MD and Neurologist give over the straight facts about a subject that many both parents and our children are very confused about. Why are our children both frum and not, under the 'perception' that marijuana is a harmless herb and smoke it like its candy.
We need more forums like this both on line and out in the open in the community. We MUST address this issue both by giving over the facts and more importantly coming up with resources both for parents AND OUR CHILDREN or this epidemic will continue R'L
I recommend parent support groups and a community resource list. Since Yaakov Berman has been in the forefront of addressing these issues, please reach out to Operation Survival at info@operationsurvival.org or 718. 735 0200 x 230 to get information and see how we can take this to the next level to prevent and address this issue head on.
(7/14/2017 5:38:44 PM)
The school system
Folks it isn't broken. For the ordinary kid it is just fine. But when a kid can't read for whatever reason it becomes torture. Those failing grades and the teachers who believe the kid could do the work if they wanted to compound. "Good kids" start staying away and kids with issues want to be their friend. Being part of the out-crowd is still friends. And the out-crowd has a uniform and a rule breaking credo that can cause a kid to be kicked out and then it is a never ending spiral down. The parents don't know what to do. Keeping this kid at home endangers the other kids. Sending the kid away means giving up. And there are no answers. Once the kid starts slipping and may dress like a kid (on hookups and drugs) but isn't- there isn't a place for them. The good kids they grew up with want nothing to do with them and the kid's parents want them to have nothing to do with the other crowd. We need community centers for our kids. Places they can go after school and get help. Positive role models, therapists who must be accountable for their students progress (and no nepotism), even a social worker/Kiruv professional who they can talk to. A library, Legos - separate areas for boys and girls- even a meal if they need that - a safe zone. No stigma. We spend millions on Kiruv of outsiders- what about our own. I am sure we can even get grants to cover the costs. We need to prevent the kids going through the downward spiral from reaching the bottom.
(7/14/2017 5:41:45 PM)
listen well, people take drugs when they are depressed mothers whatch ur teens well, if they are depressed take them out just u and them then thei bond will open and it will be really good for them you must do this
(7/14/2017 5:55:02 PM)
Lots of forms of marijuana
#1: You linked marijuana use to overdosing. You do not overdose on marijuana.
#2: You cited marijuana as a problem for minors. Agreed, so is alcohol, which is still legal for adults.
#3: You cited the problematic way marijuana affects the brain and body. Agreed, but 'innocent' substances like sugar and chemicals do much worse, as well as alcohol. Hmm. Of course, only whatever benefits the government most will get attention.
#4: Driving on drugs. True, but also, don't drink and drive, don't text and drive, don't drive when you're very tired, stressed, etc.
#5: Smoking. Many of the physical effects of marijuana are due to smoking it, but there are safer ways to take marijuana.
#6: Leading to other drug use. True, but age and education are key. Or do you want people to go illegally and directly to hard drugs?
#7: Health benefits. Yes, there are health benefits to marijuana. It had been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties, up until the early 20th century, when the government needed something to ban to get more money.
#8: Halacha. Halacha is halacha, even if the rabbonim aren't 100% correct due to limited available information. Therefore, it's not something for Jews. However, call a spade a spade, and not a bulldozer. Say Jews can't use marijuana as opposed to lumping a bunch of issues together to create fear. Marijuana is not the best, but it doesn't warrant this much fear.
#9: I don't drink, I've never touched marijuana or anything else, not even a cigarette or hookah (it's not safer than smoking. Look it up.) I also eat well, exercise, and am moving away from the city and its pollution to be at my healthiest and best self. Yes, we are supposed to be healthy, in full intellectual control, work out any issues in an intellectual way, and be present in our lives and avodas hashem.
#10: I truly value and respect your education, expertise, and experience. Unfortunately, many in your position are also forced to maintain certain positions and opinions regardless of truth, thanks to the way the government and by extension academia, medicine, and society all work. I am sure that you personally seek the truth, but I do not trust that this article really reflects the latest developments, which are kept hidden.
#11: By taking a 'kids going otd and ruining future marriages and children and our community is so problematic' approach, you've turned off people who will disregard the valid points of this article. People don't want to hear that their lives are a problem that they are a problem and that because they are a problem they will make poor decisions leading to more problems. It is not true. We are all beautiful souls in this world trying to do our best and make the best decisions we can. We've all failed at least at some point, got up, and tried again. We've all had challenges, some are harder than others, but we all can use some love. We all sin differently. We all have a unique way of simply being that makes Hashem so so happy, and benefits the whole universe. And we can all use more awareness and resources to make even better decisions in our lives. People who overdosed are exceptional souls whom hashem wanted to be up there with Him, who perhaps did make a poor decision or reaction, but not any different than the poor decisions and reactions of all of us, and have also certainly done much good. The way those decisions and reactions play out are in Hashem's hands, not ours. We don't have the power of life and death, only Hashem does. Of course, what we are responsible for our decisions and reactions, we need to improve to the best of our ability, but we're all human and mistakes will happen.
#12- Moshiach now! We're ready for the clarity and truth to permeate the universe, for the time of only life and joy, when living in the best possible way for each person will be apparent.
(7/14/2017 6:31:46 PM)
The root - Reflections
90% of the time people take drugs as a way to escape their feelings of being " behind" and feeling like a " loser". The other 10% take it because they are bored.

If A young person ( maybe your own child) feels excited and hopeful about their future, they are less likely to take drugs.
I think everyone in this discussion would agree with that.

People, I encourage you to gather your strength ( even if your own life is not what you envisioned for yourself) and invest in your children. Sit with them and help them plan a beautiful future that get excited about.
And then, become their support system as they move forward towards their goals.
You will always be happy that you were proactive. And you will always be happy that you are closer to your child as they navigate towards the future that you helped them plan.

I wish you the best.
(7/14/2017 6:40:19 PM)
To #24
Absolutely brilliant
Hit the nail on the head
(7/14/2017 6:50:19 PM)
Sorry to sound the reality bell- there are hundreds of boys in our community that are ANGRY and BITTER about graduating a school system with nothing to utilize in the real world.
Yes they learn critical thinking etc, but in terms of actual skills toventer medical school, engineering school they are starting from first base. After 20 years in the system they ask why??
(7/14/2017 6:51:54 PM)
Where have you been doctor??
Mr or rabbi or doctor Neiman, marijuana is NOT a gateway drug. Unlike the cigarettes your kid smokes, to the booze you drink, to the sugar in the Coke your wife drinks, there are actually a lot of benefits to marijuana which you fail to mention. Like anything that can be used in an addictive way, it can be bad for you, but seriously, no one's ever OD on weed.
(7/14/2017 6:57:50 PM)
Fact: no one has ever died from marijuana. More people have died from consuming water than marijuana. Dwi is dwi. Number 24 is spot on. All the young adults that passed away recently were using stronger and dangerous drugs. Also marijuana is not a gateway drug.
(7/14/2017 7:52:54 PM)
Common ppl
We have to admit that the judasim taught in schools today, is sending the youth away from yiddishkeit. If we don't see the issue how can we solve the problem? Topping that off, once they do leave the system, they have nothing else left to start up and face the world. No GED, no technical skills, nothing! Can we expect anything else?
(7/14/2017 8:11:16 PM)
The DEA and FDA are not credible sources!
You cite illegal opiates as being a drug that stems from Marijuana use, you fail to mention the rampant distribution of synthetic opiates (opioids) which can be easily accessible to anyone who had surgery or has given birth, are you saying because the FDA allows Oxycontin it's safer than Marijuana?
(7/15/2017 11:10:14 AM)
to # 24
l counted 8 arguments with "but" in hot pursuit.....
then "people who overdosed are exceptional souls that Hashem wanted to be up there with Him...."
when l was a child we had a gardener who died from using marijuana over an extended period...
this article is nothing short of dangerous in its contempt & total flaunting of ignorance of halacha
it is a perfect case of the website needing to withold certain comments
people reading this could believe parts that are highly dangerous...
May we merit protection & Moshiach now
(7/15/2017 4:49:07 PM)
Bubbe uses CBD legally!
I live in Washington State, it is legal medicinally and recreationally. I am a commercial grower for pharmaceutical cannabis use only. I am a user of topical creams for severe arthritis. IT WORKS!! I do not smoke it for the same reason I don't smoke tobacco. I use Cannabidol for pain mgmt. I am frum. HaShem created many plants to benefit us. Don't discount legal and appropriate use for chronic pain management!
(7/15/2017 8:06:13 PM)
we need drug education
Kids in yeshivos think this is cool and ok. ALL yeshivas need cpmprehensive drug education. Who can we speak yo about this to arrange?
(7/15/2017 9:27:49 PM)
Written very well. I appreciate your comment. Thank you
(7/15/2017 10:22:45 PM)
Drug education
MASK provides Drug education to schools.
(7/15/2017 10:52:07 PM)
The reason some people use pot is recreational. Maybe communities can explore more healthy , supervised recreational activities for teens to do. A lot of times, teens get turned onto drugs because they need a social life and want to feel accepted by others.
(7/15/2017 11:44:50 PM)
Is anyone in our community taking care of the drug dealers?
Where is the police. ?
Where is the shmira.?
Where is the community counsel.?
Where is national committee.?
Where is mask organization.?
Pls do something to send the drug dealers away asap.
Someone has to clean our community.
(7/15/2017 11:58:55 PM)
Weed is an organic plant
Their is not 1 report of weed overdose in history! It is only harmful if excessively used during brain development! Over 25? Smoke as much as u want. Its not becoming legal all over america and the world for no reason.
(7/16/2017 2:47:09 AM)
kol hakovod
the article is informative! leave it alone and thank you for taking the time to write.
(7/16/2017 7:10:29 AM)
To 39 you are selling fake news, here is published fact
Dr. George Sam Wang University of Colorado in paper 2017 found emergency room admissions for pot overdose and pot related psychiatric issues have doubled and quadrupled since legalization and heroin, opium, and cocaine as well are all organic.
(7/16/2017 9:18:23 AM)
Solution to the problem
Drug education for our youth and getting our youths into hobbies like music, sports Jewish scouting etc.. also helps give our kids healthy outlets during time not spent learning.
As Chazal says, it is not the mouse that steals but the hole. You fill the hole with activities you have no empty time to get involved with bad things.
Throwing children out of schools makes for a very very large hole and our Rebbe never was about kicking kids out of Cheder. A child out of school leads to low self esteem, depression and feelings of worthlessness and drugs are often turned to for self medication to numb their pain and tune out of dark realities.
Refuah for all kall Yisroel and all the need help should seek it and be helped.
Dr. Eli S. Neiman
(7/16/2017 11:58:57 AM)
Don't blame the parents and the schools, some of these kids that get involve with drugs come from very good families, the kids that get involve with drugs, got to pick better friends
(7/16/2017 9:57:28 PM)
To #43
Picking better friends means making better choices, and the best way to make a better choice is to be knowledgeable. That's why educating people about the truth of marijuana is so important, and that's why it is so dangerous when people say things like "it's fine, it's organic, etc."
(7/17/2017 7:08:14 AM)
But alcohol is ok?
Religious Chabad people are all ways bashing marijuana. But when it comes to alcohol it is ok? How about chabad people who abuse alcohol(A lot more chabad people abuse alcohol more then marijuana). Alcohol kills way more people then marijuana ( marijuana never killed anybody). I'm not trying to say every body should stop drinking alcohol. I'm just everything in moderation's.
(7/17/2017 11:32:51 AM)
Frumma Rosenberg Gottlieb : addiction coach
I am part of a highly trained team Family Recovery Academy who work with families of addiction online and on the phone . You can be anonymous and receive help daily to be your loved ones best chance at recovery. Email me at gotfrumma@gmail. Com got details
(7/18/2017 2:20:54 PM)
It is important to differentiate between marijuana and other drugs such as meth, opium, LSD, or ecstasy. The effects of cannabis can in no way be compared to the effects of the other drugs mentioned. Grouping them together is misleading.
(7/18/2017 4:01:55 PM)
To DH, RN. and 45
47, if you are a medical professional you are spreading fake news and did not read the facts. Marijuana is the gateway to much harder drugs and the high potency of the modern marijuana high potency marijuana is puts people at risk of developing arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, stroke and sudden death in rare cases. WebMD publishes these facts and WebMD is a source of info and guidance for physicians and nurses worldwide.
"Smoking pot can increase your heart rate by as much as two times for up to 3 hours. That’s why some people have a heart attack right after they use marijuana. It can increase bleeding, lower blood pressure, and affect your blood sugar, too.

We don’t yet know if marijuana is linked to higher odds of getting lung cancer. But the process does irritate your lungs -- which is why regular pot smokers are more likely to have an ongoing cough and to have lung-related health problems like chest colds and lung infections.

Other physical effects of marijuana include:
• Dizziness
•Shallow breathing
•Red eyes and dilated pupils
• Dry mouth
•Increased appetite
•Slowed reaction time (If you drive after using marijuana, your risk of being in a car accident more than doubles.)

If you’re a long-time user, you can have physical withdrawal symptoms -- like cravings, irritability, sleeplessness, and less appetite -- when you stop."
(7/19/2017 6:17:02 AM)
Exact nature of the problem/ solution
Rarely have we seen a person fail, who has thoroughly followed are path (pg 58 alcoholics anonymous) these are the words of the big book of alcoholics anonymous, which introduced recovery through the twelve step process.
     Why is recovery failing today? With so many relapses, the rehabs seem  to be revolving doors, we have to ask
Is recovery even possible?
And what is the problem exactly?
       According to the medical field, it is not.
Addiction has been  classified  as a chronic relapsing disease , it can only be managed.
It is the only way to explain,how despite all the advances in medicine, neourology, and the proliferation of treatment centers. We aren't seeing permanent results.
     Its true ,that there is a medical component to addiction, but if it was just a chemical dependency, detox  would  suffice.
Not to mention we see relapse, early on in one's  use. And bad character, ie.extreme selfishness, dishonesty,manipulation,ect
Which goes hand in hand.
      If it was just a mental health problem, why with all our knowledge and countless therapies  . Haven't we developed a method with results.  It's one thing to say the addict is motivated by pleasure, but serious addicts use even though it's not enjoyable anymore.
Not to mention the consequences alone should motivate an addict, even an animal knows basic survival?
        Maybe the problem is deeper, maybe were looking at the symptoms instead of the root.
The truth is for addicts, drugs started off as the solution to another problem, what is that problem?
       For myself, was empty, always chasingthings to fill myself up, nothing ever gave me lasting happiness. The deep pain of existential discomfort. Until I found drugs, which were not only enjoyable but gave me a deep sense of completion and purpose,until they stopped working.
       Why was I restless irratable and discontent? Maybe the problem is a spiritual problem in essence. And a spiritual problem requires a spiritual solution.
     The fact is the original members of AA, approached it as a spiritual problem,and the source of recovery was spiritual help. The majority ,not only recovered,but had complete personality change.
      Dr. Carol Jung, refers to it as a  vital  spiritual experience.
They appear to be in the nature of huge emotional displacements and rearrangements. Ideas , emotions and attitudes which were once the guiding forces of the lives of men are suddenly cast to one side and a completely  new set of conceptions and motives begin to dominate them. Although he himself admitted  he was unable to produce it  in an addict through plain therapy
        There have been thousands of people, if not millions who can attest to a spiritual expeirence,a psychic change , which they  got through the practice of the twelve steps.

(7/19/2017 3:46:22 PM)
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