Jul 16, 2017
Woman With ALS Unable To Speak

Only 6 months after receiving an ALS diagnosis, Louisa Madar is unable to speak; her family is flying her out to China for a stem cell treatment which may save her life.

This week, the Madar family of Jerusalem, will fly to China in search of a new hope. Their mother, Louisa, was diagnosed with ALS 6 months ago. In the half a year that has passed, her mind and body have disintegrated. The infamously painful disease has racked her body and she is now wheelchair-bound, and unable to speak.

The Madars researched and found what so many before them have discovered: Thousands of ALS sufferers have flocked to China for stem cell treatments, and seen miraculous results. The possibility of being treated in China has provided a new life for many who were otherwise told there was no hope.

The Madar family's flight leaves this week. However they are still unable to pay for the treatments they so desperately need to save Louisa's life. Heartbreaking video footage shows son Elazar on the verge of tears. "We just want to speak with our mother again," he says.

Their cause has been picked up by tzedaka organization Kupat Ha'Ir, due to the poverty level of the family and the urgency of their need. Those interested in saving Louisa's life can donate HERE for a limited time.

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