Apr 19, 2017
Bais Rivkah Strike To Continue

Bais Rivka's new board is unable to fulfill their commitment to the teachers, therefore school has been suspended indefinitely until the matter is resolved. Update: Grades 4-8 will have a school only until 12.

The principals of Grades 4-8 have informed that students will have school from 9 - 12 pm.
Teachers will then join an emergency meeting about the school's financial situation.

There has been no word from the pre 1a or headstart divisions on status of school for Thursday.

Following a strike by Bais Rivkah Primary School ahead of Pesach vacation, the new school board has met with them and explained that they have been unable to fulfill their commitment.

The teachers have sent COLlive the following message to parents:

Dear Parents,

We hope you all had an enjoyable Yom tov.

We have met with the new board. They made it clear to us that they stand behind their commitment to Bais Rivkah and would like to move ahead with paying the teachers the money owed.

The board had also explained to us that the current administration is not allowing them to fulfill their commitment.

Unfortunately, we the teachers are forced to suspend school until this is resolved.

The Primary Teachers
Grades 1-3

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The average person can't do much. But you can call the school. Call 718-735-0400, the financial offfice and demand answers. Every person call every couple of hours. Call and press for every extension
(4/19/2017 6:59:45 AM)
Disgusting & theft
It's time for some real action for Starters the so. Allergies board seems useless The Rabbonim need to step in & remove the ones who are causing this constant issue how .Any years has this been going on It's time for someone or a group to stand up & say enough. Teachers are human beings have families & have to be paid. If the administrator s won't do what they should remove them by force whetherthru Bais c n or if need be the courts education is far too Important that we who stand in the way are nothing much really than greedy & selfish Hooligans. Parents now have some choices use them Maybe when they see than Boone is sending me heir kids & the teachers are. Good investment elsewhere in droves & their pockets empty will they open their eyes. Parents stop paying tuition join together & pay the teachers direct.
(4/19/2017 7:38:34 AM)
The whole school
All the teachers should stand United! The rebbe would be furious that this is going on!!! Teachers MUST be paid on time !!! All teachers should strike for once and for all and let change in the school begin!!!
(4/19/2017 7:43:46 AM)
How is this not pure gezeilah?
S"A is clear about paying workers
What are the Rabonei HaShechuna doing about this
It is not comprehensible how the Administration believes it has the right to stop teachers' wages being paid
Is this the Shechuna of which we are so proud?
What will the askonim the Vaad Rabbonim Chabad HaOlami
Just plain Shechuna dwellers do about this?
To what level have we sunk?
(4/19/2017 8:01:32 AM)
Please don't post half story's ! Are you saying the administration is stopping you from paying the teachers? I don't believe that!!!
(4/19/2017 8:02:52 AM)
No Surprise here.
What good is the Board if they can't remove the old fat cats out of the picture? The "current administration" should be removed immediately and investigated for improper use of the moisad money.
(4/19/2017 8:09:51 AM)
Not good enough!
ALL teachers should strike, not just grades 1-3. Doesn't this affect every division, or is the HS getting paid?

I'm not a BR teacher or a teacher anywhere but you can be very sure if I wasn't getting paid and was basically lied to, I wouldn't be working. The Hanhala (every week a new bunch of incompetent men) blame everyone especially the old regime. It reminds me of Obama blaming Bush for every crisis after 8 years!

Dear teachers, my family is affected by the strike - and I don't care! The only way to end this farce is to SHUT DOWN and inconvenience the community. We will all have to make other arrangements & put pressure on the Hanhala to either disband the entire school or PAY UP!
(4/19/2017 8:17:18 AM)
time to open new schools , the community is too large and the school too big to cope with the amount of students and faculty . more schools with less students , teachers and over heads is the way forward !
this current problem is never going to be resolved long term!
(4/19/2017 8:18:31 AM)
this is enough!!
every single family should go to the school with their kids and demand an explanation!! The parents should band together and strike!
(4/19/2017 8:19:27 AM)
I agree with Chaya
The letter is vague, seems like. "Half story"
(4/19/2017 8:36:19 AM)
Can anyone clarify
Why is this only grades 1-3? Are teachers from other grades being paid on time?
(4/19/2017 8:41:14 AM)
Half the story
It isn't fair for people to formulate and opinion based on a very vague letter published.
(4/19/2017 8:44:10 AM)
the administration has the a strong support from the parents who don't pay tuition ;)
(4/19/2017 8:45:33 AM)
To chaya & #10
The bottom line is that the teachers need to be paid. Unfortunately, the administration does not seem to be transparent. If they were transparent, and showed income, expenses etc.. we could understand the source of the problem. But them bottom line is that the teachers must be paid. They have to put food on the table, pay rent, pay for childcare etc.. regardless of the underlying factors. If the school is not financially viable, then something must be done.
(4/19/2017 8:53:43 AM)
In defense of BR
BR has been the most generous in accepting EVERONE regardless of finincial ability! They were generous and understanding of YOUR situation, giving parents the benefits of the doubt can't you in turn do the same for them?
(4/19/2017 8:54:29 AM)
Why only grades 1-3?
How are teachers for other grades getting paid (assuming that they are). If they are not, why dont they join with their fellow teachers?
(4/19/2017 9:12:45 AM)
So if evidently the "problem" is the ADMINISTRATORS - then they must step down.

It's about time they hire new administrators
(4/19/2017 9:13:11 AM)
full story
before the new board makes vague allegations,
does anyone know that none of them have actually donated any money,
but they made loans to the school secured by buildings at 12 percent a year,
how nice
(4/19/2017 9:13:55 AM)
agree with no 5
there is data missing
(4/19/2017 9:14:19 AM)
Loan sharks
Do you know that:

A. The new "board" didn't donate one dime to the school?
B. That they lent 1 million dollars at 12.3% per year?
C. That they already put a lien on the other properties (which were donated for expansion), and come years end they will foreclose on these properties for their interest?
D. That they have badmouthed the current administration aND encouraged parents not to pay or donate money?

(4/19/2017 9:24:06 AM)
To #11
Other graders are not either getting paid. Grade 1-3 were just all in it together to go on strike
(4/19/2017 9:31:43 AM)
Where did the million dollars go?
(4/19/2017 9:48:31 AM)
If the old admin had an ounce of integrity they would step down immediately.
(4/19/2017 9:55:18 AM)
There are 2 major issues
The school is disfinctional clearly. There are 2 issues:
1) the administration. Taking their huge salaries before paying staff.
2) as a result of this disfunction many parents aren't paying any tuition at all and as a result of that the school is lacking funds.
(4/19/2017 9:56:06 AM)
I also want
I also want to put money at 12.3% secured by real estate
Who do I have to contact ?
(4/19/2017 10:06:44 AM)
# 18 and # 19
If these allegations are true how come SOMEONE lay or Rabbinic does not come out publicly and decry this abuse of power mostly for personal gain
Heter Iska?
This gets worse and worse and all big wigs say nothing
Speak about Moshiach
Speak about the Rebbe
Is it not a disgrace?
No one really cares truthfully
Yechi is empty without action
(4/19/2017 10:08:36 AM)
To number 19?
Based on the emanating information what your saying makes the most sense! I would venture the "administration does not let us pay the teachers" reasoning is either because the administration is refusing to take more high interest loans or is equally guilty in not paying these loans (Which should have never been taken) back in the first place. Either way if this is the case both the administration and the board should be investigated for fraud and step down immediately! If they refuse to do so then further legal action should be persuade until our children can go back to learning with out the fear of the school closing down in middle of the year.

The teachers should bear no blame! To all the comments stating that the teachers should care about the students and come to school anyways. While some of the teachers may feel that way, and it is very kind and selfless of them. Just remember that if you went to work every day and did not get paid what would you do? How would you support your family? While it is sad, It is also the logical thing to do!
(4/19/2017 10:19:11 AM)
To 19
I'm not sure what interest rate the board may or may not be charging. Nor do I think do you.

However I am sure that the new board fronted over $2.000.000 TWO MILLION dollars.

Without having any say or control over how the money is being used, the new board has zero control as of now.

Once they do you can be sure change will happen.
(4/19/2017 10:20:32 AM)
I want to go back to work.
(4/19/2017 10:26:59 AM)
Why all the ridiculous comments
The teachers should be paid, period. The Rabbonim can't do anything any more than Hatzolah can do something about this. I highly doubt that the board is "discouraging" donations and some of the other nonsense on this thread. There was a policy not to print comments on the other threads. Seems like it was a wise one.
(4/19/2017 10:27:31 AM)
It's time to start naming the people who have been underperforming for years. The admin must step down. If they refuse call for a financial audit.... there will likely be prison time for stealing federal funds......
It's also times for the arms behind the scenes to come to light. Step down or face the audit.

Let's see if CH finally is able to do what is nessesary. Otherwise the problem will just continue and we as a community will deteriorate without the will to act.
"Silence is like admitting"
(4/19/2017 10:52:15 AM)
Let's see..we have a administration who's taking Harvard degreees salaries and year after year the school is running dysfunctional and a new board who are only giving their time and money with no pay... so who should we blame ??
(4/19/2017 11:03:49 AM)
To 18 and 19
Yes exactly, the new board is comprised of smart and savvy businessmen, that's why they where chosen, and they know what will happen to any money that they donate, it will fall into the big black hole hole that is the current administration . it's also important to point out that while you sit here on collive, they have donated countless hours and effort since they where appointed, they just know better than to throw money away. That is the same reason why they didn't put any effort into fundraising, they want to be able to make sure that the money isn't disappearing. Once the old admin is out, give it a few months and the whole situation will be normal.
(4/19/2017 11:04:57 AM)
Hashem have Rachmonis,
this is all so tragic and sad. Not only is this a dysfunctional school but it seems a significant part of our community is also. This has been going on for so long, with no resolution in sight. Surely if there are capable people here they should have stepped forward and become involved by now? Nothing is really secret with this anymore, it's public knowledge actually.
(4/19/2017 11:22:13 AM)
Agree with Chaya
There are two sides to every story she's right!
(4/19/2017 11:22:53 AM)
I don't Understand
there are 800-900 parents in BR and only a hand full are involved, everyone else just yells and screams, roll up your sleeves get involved, give up hundreds of hrs for the school and then we will have a school that we deserve.
(4/19/2017 11:51:30 AM)
(4/19/2017 11:52:01 AM)
lets just not forget that he drops over 2 million dollars each year on the school, as he has done for the last 25+ year. hatzlacha rabba rabbi shemtov
(4/19/2017 11:57:04 AM)
don't get angry, get even
as a grandparent of a B.R. student, the school can pay her teacher or they can forget ever receiving another penny from me!
(4/19/2017 12:02:34 PM)
# 30
When Rabbbonim are impotent the the Kahal looks lie CH
The Rebbe wanted Rabbonim supported Rabbonim
The Rabbonim not only fail the Kahal they fail the Rebbe
(4/19/2017 12:19:34 PM)
to 28, 32
stop apologizing and defending the board. if they are so smart and savvy as you say why did they not put some safeguards in place when the original $1 MIL was raised. And if they "fronted" their own $2 MIL then they are bigger fools than we are to trust the OLD admin with that kind of money. It's poshut, they should have put those two Administrators on unpaid leave for a few months and then you can clearly see where the black hole of disappearing money is.

(or is it possible that the board wants the school to fail so they can make More Money on the Interest and Real Estate???)
(4/19/2017 12:20:17 PM)
Out of towner
Why don't the parents of all grades protest in front of school and demand answers. Most people I've heard say there's not much that can be done and this is the status quo but that doesn't help the teachers or the kids.

Or speak with your wallets and change schools, home school etc. only drastic measures will change this situation.
(4/19/2017 12:25:24 PM)
Offer to help!
It seems from the continuos comments over the years no one ever knows what's actually going on at the school. More parents need to take up an active role in the school. I have zero stake in the school other than the fact that my family has taught there and Some friends/family attend school there. Over the years I've heard nothing but complaints, social media bashing of teachers or administration but no action on anyone's part.

It's easy to complain and get angry. It's another thing to offer to help. Help the school, volunteer in any which way now it even offer to help your kids by giving them a better education! Not going to school consistently and strikes every year us sending the wrong message to your children. Better they get schooled in a basement than be surrounded by constant negativity.

How do you explain to your children what's happening? How can they possibly respect their school with this happening?

Offer to help or get your children in better functioning environment!
(4/19/2017 12:41:27 PM)
High school
You should also close tomorrow! Especially since out of towners won't be there!
(4/19/2017 12:45:42 PM)
Make a new school and finished
You are paying tuition to educate your kids. if the current school is not capable of doing so, find someone else who is. Who says BR has to be the only game in town?
(4/19/2017 12:47:25 PM)
Really, #15? Really?
"BR has been the most generous in accepting EVERONE regardless of finincial ability! They were generous and understanding of YOUR situation, giving parents the benefits of the doubt can't you in turn do the same for them?"

Yes, they've been generous. They've been generous and understanding on the teachers' cheshban. Generous and understand and accepting to everyone but their employees, while the teachers bear the burden of Beis Rivkah's so called"generosity."

Do you call that generous?

I, too, could be generous when it's not my own resources I'm disbursing.

"Generosity" and "mercy" based on someone else's cheshban is just the opposite of what it claims to be--it's immoral, it's cruel, and it preys on those who are good and well-meaning, albeit possibly a bit misguided in their priorities (leaving them vulnerable to the ones who will capitalize on their kindness to build their own fortunes).
(4/19/2017 12:51:12 PM)
Send kids out of ch to school
Time to send kids out of ch to school, there are other options out there.
(4/19/2017 12:51:12 PM)
all lashon horah
hi all

may we stop speculating and spreading un needed hate and lashon hora

we dont know what is going exactly.
all we know is the teachers are NOT getting paid

and that is it
all this other stuff is pure lashon hora

the board did NOt issue a statement
the administration did NOT issue a statement
rabbi shemtov did NOT issue a statment

so all we can do is call them all and ask them to issue one
the public has a right to know
but not to be here on line and hear ll this lashon hora going on from people the know NOTHING just what they hear .. pure gossip

moshiach now

(4/19/2017 12:54:37 PM)
To #38 (Rabbi Shemtov)
As far as I know, he brings in more than $2 million per year. Aside for the building, he brought in over $50 Million dollars to Beis Rivkah since he was appointed by Rabbi Hodakov to run the school.
(4/19/2017 1:17:04 PM)
To #33
Yes they truly ARE savvy business men.
HOWEVER, the old administration is a step ahead of them.
The true isue now is that the new board just found out that they are legally NOT an official board.
The old administration pulled a fast curvball at them.
The only way for them to get there money back. (yes at 12.3%) will be to foreclose the property that was ment for the schools expansion.
At the end of the day, the sad fact is that the students just got doubly screwed ..........
(4/19/2017 1:26:53 PM)
I agree with comment 43, instead of foolish people criticizing, they should get involved and try to help! Some very ignorant comments.
(4/19/2017 1:39:45 PM)
Ms Bee
All Yeshivas must be supported by the government just like the public schools are. Jews pay as much taxes as any other race/nationality and yet Yeshivas are not free for our kids. Whereas the taxes that we do pay do support and provide free education for all the other kids. Here might be a clear resolution for this problem.
(4/19/2017 1:44:29 PM)
there is for sure no school for grades 4-8???
(4/19/2017 2:03:35 PM)
Do you know
That the Administration have many personal properties? One in particular owns massive amounts of real estate, including PARKING LOTS! Every child and grandchild has a house (probably bought outright.) Do some digging under their names, everything is public record. Then ask HOW they live so well. And now my grandchildren are home and my children have to figure out what to do about work. I can't help, I live in another state.

Remember that this will all happen again after Tishrei. It has been happening for years, Tishrei & Pesach. The teachers as a whole have to refuse to go back until they are paid up to date & every check clears. And if they are one day late, strike again. These people who keep making these promises to pay are all liars and cheats.
(4/19/2017 2:05:03 PM)
Right On Number 20
The New Board is all smoke and mirrors. Either they should fundraise like all Boards or resign immediately They need to stop the blame game. It's time to hold the Board accountable.
(4/19/2017 2:26:10 PM)
To 46
I stand by what I wrote! I will defend BR until the end! I don't know of a single family in all the years I've lived here who told me that their child isn't accepted or can't continue with BR due to financial circumstances!
(4/19/2017 2:37:37 PM)
High school
You should also close tomorrow! Especially since out of towners won't be there!
(4/19/2017 2:54:21 PM)
If it's true that there are no clear facts here,
and everything is possibly only lashon hora, then report this to the government officials ( dept. of education etc.) and demand an audit. Then there will be no doubts, questions or pashut lashon hora. We will be privy to the facts and then know how to proceed. There's too much guessing at present.
(4/19/2017 2:57:11 PM)
br student
plzzzzzzzzzzz cancel school at once!!!!!! it would be a major help
(4/19/2017 2:57:56 PM)
I don't get it
Why is it a board's job to pay teachers? Does the board also post the electric bill, or the copier rental?
(4/19/2017 3:07:04 PM)
if grades 1-3 are striking
then high school needs to strike as well, otherwise there wont be any babysitter, what should the moms do
(4/19/2017 3:26:24 PM)
To #59
You as a Beis Rivkah student need to go to school my daughter like you needs to do a school project which she does not want to do and she hopes for school cancelation but I told her you had 3 weeks of vaction so don't ask for more you are going to school
(4/19/2017 3:28:08 PM)
For all those telling us to stop complaining and help:

If we knew exactly what the problem was, we'd be happy to. You may have noticed that we donated to their matching campaign, even though we don't go to school there.

But if there is no transparency, we can't help. Do you want us to mop floors? If you want us to help with the finances, you need to let us see what's going on. Do you need an extra $50k per month? A one time donation of $2 million? Cheaper janitors? An energy audit? What will solve the problem?
(4/19/2017 3:29:12 PM)
to 53
someone told me but im not 100 percent sure, wait till you get an official email about it
(4/19/2017 3:30:06 PM)
Easy to assign blame
I don't send my kids to Beis Rivkah, and I feel for all you parents that do, but it is easy to blame the school...

Beis Rivkah accept every single child regardless of tuition. In addition, most children do not pay $10,000 or even $8,000 which is the amount that each child cost the school.

There are two main issues. (1) 95% of the parents do not pay enough to cover their child's tuition (even parents who pay a lot still aren't paying the cost of their child's tuition (2) the fundraising isn't enough to cover the shortfall.

It is easy to make fun of administrators and speak about their so called, 'extravagant salaries' which they are supposedly taking (or not), but the question is - what are parents doing to help with the shortfall. If you cannot pay more, can you help fundraise? Can you give a little less Tzedokah to other organizations and some more to your own? Can you introduce wealthy Ba'alei batim to the school?

It's easy to assign blame.

From a financial standpoint: The best thing for the school would be to kick out 30-40% of it's students. Doing so would allow them to rely on current fundraising to cover the shortfall. Is that something that people are advocating? Might your own child be in that 30-40%? Which school will they go to then?
(4/19/2017 4:00:08 PM)
If the new board forecloses on BR,
they can then build a new and better school.
(4/19/2017 4:46:24 PM)
In support of BR
I support the board and admin for everything they have done and continue to do for CH . For being understanding and affordable!
(4/19/2017 4:54:26 PM)
If the other teachers are not getting paid from the other grades they should stand together with the teachers that are striking and show there support, unless they are getting paid
(4/19/2017 5:07:49 PM)
Dont we all want the same thing- girls getting the education they deserve?!
I agree with those who are saying this isn't the way to go.. parents have the right to be upset, but don't blame anyone till you help yourself. We are definitely questioning this and its leading to lack of respect for our school.
BR has at least 1,200 girls' education in their hands .. They are the next generation!! Who will teach them that what is going on is wrong, if parents are just full of anger and posting comments on col.. parents need to be working TOGETHER with the school to see how this can be fixed.. don't we all want the same thing?
clearly going on strike isn't enough. Someone needs to do something fast so we can get back into our schedule and get the education we deserve without crash courses !!

---BR student (who doesn't want to take crash courses to graduate!)
(4/19/2017 5:32:17 PM)
As an out of town
School Board member, I find the current situation appalling. The school I serve on as board member enforces a minimum tuition policy, has a school executive director hired by the Board of directors to raise funds and the Board members do their best to assist with their individual contributions and arranging school fundraisers. BR administration and Board of directors need some mediation to break the impasse. Chabad has several successful out of town school administrators who should be hired as mediators such as Rabbi Rosenfeld from Pittsburgh, Rabbi Shur from Toronto, Rabbi Wolfe from Chicago as well as some others. They should be hired to listen to all sides, form an opinion and suggest a way to go forward thus applying pressure on both sides. IMHO immediate mediation is the way forward.
(4/19/2017 6:33:41 PM)
If you like BR strictly for the fact that they might not enforce
tuition costs on you then don't complain if they can't keep the doors open two times a year for indefinite periods. Except the facts! The school, like everything else can't run on air. If you do pay tuition, try to find a way to help those who can't. And those who can't should possibly try to fund raise at least for their own child's tuition. This has been done successfully at other schools for many years why not BR? Let them either come into the school in and use a room designated for parents to make calls for donations from at agreeable times or from their homes. This is a most tangible way to help and get involved.
(4/19/2017 6:54:33 PM)
to # 65
I Personally told the administration that I would run an auction for them. I was told, and I quote, "it's small change for us, after all the expenses of an auction, you can only make around $70,000, so it's not worth it for us. I can take that money from head start funds"

This is exactly what I was told. So please don't preach about doing our part to help. Help is not wanted. Every year I fill out all those volunteer papers, and I have NEVER once been called (aside from PTA to be a class mother)
(4/19/2017 7:02:56 PM)
Sigh, could we please teach/learn?
As a teacher, I don't want to strike. I do want to get paid, I do need to get paid. BUT, strike against a Mosad that the Fridiker Rebbe established???? How could I do that?

For that same reason, I want to teach here, and continue to teach here, despite the difficult circumstance under which we have been working -- since last year. I believe that teaching in Bais Rivka is a source of Brocha for me and my family that I do not want to forego, or make light of.

And for that same reason, I have the utmost respect for Rabbi Shemtov, who was appointed by Rabbi Hadakov, the Rebbe's spokesperson, and has definitely worked and done tremendous amounts for Bais Rivka, but it is most definitely a thankless job, that earns him tremendous amount of criticism and unpleasantness.

It's why I send my children to Bais Rivka. It's not perfect. The morale of teachers who have not been paid is not great, the physical state of parts of the buildings are not great, but the brochos that come along with being part of the mosad that the Friediker Rebbe established, that the Rebbe spoke about, that the building is named for the Rebitzen, with the Rebbe's encouragement and endorsement -- these are things that are very valuable to me (and to many others).

I am not at all happy about not being paid, and I struggle to make ends meet every month, and I watch some of my colleagues suffer in a very real way, but strike, I will not do, Speak in disrespect about those who have dedicated themselves to help Bais Rivka, I will not (and that includes the new board too, for whom I also have tremendous hakaras Hatov for covering our salaries for the time that they did -- I'm sure that has been a thankless, unpleasant job too)..

But, what can be done? I don't know -- as I don't know the answer to many questions in this deep dark Golus.

But, meantime, my job is to continue teaching, it is Avodas Hakodesh, and I certainly hope that this can be resolved. I don't know how, but it seems to be in the hands of others who understand the situation (and are being, probably rightfully, so as not to malign, or embarass, or hurt anyone, tight lipped about it). So, it's not something there is anything I can do about, except maybe pray, and meantime, continue what I am supposed to be doing.

If there is something that we, the public, can do; it would be appreciated if those in charge could tell us what that should be. A vague "come and help" does not accomplish as I wouldn't know who to help, where to help ...

That's my humble take.

As a parent, and as a teacher, I hope that there is school tomorrow.
(4/19/2017 7:09:16 PM)
65 to 72
I hear their point on the auction. They may feel that the amount of energy they spend on an auction can bring in twice as much if they solicit money directly. However, if the PTA does the auction and the Hanhala isn't involved I would agree with you. It's your time not theirs. They should be happy to receive the extra funds as little as it is.

Also, 'taking money from head start funds' is a pretty silly comment to say. My honest opinion is whoever you spoke to you wasn't interested in working with you and was trying to push you away. I don't know your relationship with that administrator, but I'd probably speak to someone else next time.

I also think that BR needs to call a parent meeting and hear what parents have to offer. BR needs to say we can't do it on our own and create an empowered PTA to deal with fundraising ideas that works hand in hand with the Administration.

The charidy campaign only brings in about $250,000 after expenses (the 80-85% of the matched funds are usually given anyways and expenses aren't cheap), but they spend all that energy on that. A 70k project can probably pay for a little over a weeks salaries. Not much for the school but a major difference to the Teachers. 6 of these projects is 6 weeks salary.

The question than is will both the board and the parent body do what it takes to work together and have at least 6 additional fundraising projects a year?
(4/19/2017 7:45:06 PM)
Yossi Toledo
Rabbi shemtov is the only reason the school still exists we all need to thank him for all his hard work
(4/19/2017 8:47:39 PM)
Thank you 73
Thank you for your refreshing attitude and understanding that the silence is not because of a lack of respect but precisely because of respect for the Mosad and the parties involved. In general, as proven over and over on this thread, those that know don't talk and those that talk don't know. Radio silence is very frustrating, but generally the only respectable way to go. Es vet zain gut, IYH!
(4/19/2017 8:47:41 PM)
Shouldn't just be 1st-3rd
All teachers should get behind this strike so real change can happen for the Good!
(4/19/2017 10:58:38 PM)
The Board
Number 76 sounds great in theory, but the Board are trustees and trustees are those fiscally responsible for the school. Let's stop the poetic smoke and mirrors and hold the Board accountable. It's time to mature and grow up.
(4/20/2017 3:50:13 AM)
Looting of school funds?
If the school is in such dire straits - and has been for so many years, than how was the administrator able to amass such a large portfolio of houses and properties?
To add insult to injury, why we're all his grandchildren allowed to attend school tuition free?
On who's back?

I believe the current administration is much more compeltnat Than you think. Only to their own benefit.
(4/20/2017 10:26:25 AM)
I find it funny....
This is crazy that only 1-3 is striking!!! Are teachers in other departments secretly getting paid? Aren't we one school who should stike together.....
(4/20/2017 6:06:30 PM)
When the strike works...
Why should the staff of grades 4-8 get to join in the benefits? It seems to only be the teachers of 1st-3rd grade putting their jobs at risk, reaching out to the public and taking a stand. Is this what they're trying to teach our children-- Lay low and wait for someone else to do the dirty work for you?
(4/21/2017 7:28:39 AM)
Let's fundraise!
How about every person who posts a comment on COL should be charged $5 before, and that way we kill 2 birds with one stone: we'll be fundraising for BR teachers, AND ppl will finally think before writting comments............
(4/21/2017 2:17:29 PM)
To # 65
Sorry, but what u said does not make sense to me bc a teacher gets paid the same salary if shse has 7 kids in her class or 25. So even if she has 15 kids in her class that parents pay little tuition it won.t make a diff in paying the teacher. Aderaba, more kids at least a little more money towards the salary. So the answer is To FUNDRAISE WHICH I DOUBT THEY DO like all other schools, dinners, auctions....
(4/23/2017 6:41:42 AM)
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