May 16, 2018
'Thrive' at Uplifting Shabbaton

The new "Thrive" retreat offers singles and couples to spend an inspiring and educational Shabbos in Crown Heights.


For many of us, living an accomplished and stress-free life seems elusive — and ultimately unrealistic.

Why not change that... while enjoying a first-class Shabbaton in the heart of Crown Heights?

“Thrive”, an exciting new Shabbos retreat under the auspices of LYO Pegisha, has the tools to uplift your daily grind. Whether single or couple, you're invited to discover how to shape the life you want to lead, by achieving your goals - peacefully! - through the power of Torah-based, mindful meditation.

Rabbi Yisroel Bernath, a shliach in Montreal and shidduch coach par excellence, will be facilitating dynamic discussions to unlock your potential in life and relationships. With over 50 successful marriages credited to his guidance, he has gained considerable prominence for his astute understanding of people. He will be sharing his deep insights and experience, as well as guiding a meditation for stress management.

Joining him is Rus Devorah Wallen, an experienced psychotherapist and educator:

“I have seen the transformational power of this type of training. When we can reprogram our minds to think more positively and effectively, we stop living in the depression of our past, and the anxieties of our future, but can access the gift of our present. That’s why it’s called the present!” Wallen affirms.

She has made it her mission to promote a Torah-directed approach to meditation, and in her warm, engaging style, she will be teaching the basics of this method.

This Shabbaton retreat will be an opportunity to learn and implement excellent tools to make your life more fulfilling, and you’ll meet some wonderful people along the way. Comedy, delicious food and a supportive atmosphere guarantee to make it an experience not to be missed.

None of us wants to be a passenger on the train of life; we want to be the driver. We want lives that are rich in meaning, lives we are proud to live - we want to Thrive! Join us on this exciting journey May 25th. Visit right now to learn more and register!

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Opinions and Comments
Sounds amazing!
Would love to join partially
Is there an option to join for some classes Farbrengen etc and how much is that
Can you maybe break down the price for people. Who would join Shabbos afternoon for a course or Motzei etc Thank You! Yasher Koach sounds great!
(5/16/2018 2:25:31 PM)
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